(X) Dear My Sweety

I have been here for 9 months, I met more than 500 people in this school, and they are from different countries. Can you imagine if you were in your country? It’s an amazing experience in my life.

I met one of the Korean guys who is my boyfriend. We became a       couple last December when he said: “Can you be my girlfriend?”              I didn’t expect that question, I was surprised at one more thing that he prepared how to say in Japanese, but it was funny for me because it was like elementary school student.

However, I was happy to hear that. By the way, some of my friends called us “Bakappuru” this means “silly couple” in Japanese. The           reason is probably behavior but we are not only silly, we just wanted to make enjoyable times everyday because we knew that. We don’t have much time for spending together.

I know many students come to Vancouver and are looking to meet someone. This was not my goal when I arrived. I was so surprised to meet Korean boyfriend.

I am so happy, I hope that this will be possible for you too! It is also difficult because we have to say good bye to so many people. Maybe we think they won’t remember us or we won’t have enough time          together, but you should take a chance.

We can decide our future we are not children, of course everything is not easy to decide, many problems we will confront, but I hope                everything will be going to good way.

Finally, I would like to say my heartfelt, thanks to him and I love you.

By Mayu from Japan

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