Vancouver is an exceptional city. You can enjoy the warm weather in the city (I hope) and also the snow on the surrounding.

This winter I had the opportunity to enjoy the snow and some winter sports, on Whistler and Seymour Mountains

CSLI brought me the opportunity to discover Seymour Mountain, where I discovered how much fun tobogganing is! I shared hilarious moments with my friends and playing with the snow. You can’t imagine how sore my limbs were after this activity, but I wouldn’t change this experience for anything in the world!



Also, at the beginning of winter, I went to Whistler with Step Up Supercamps. There, I had the opportunity to improve my English with amazing teachers around a magical place like is Whistler. In this camp I did the Tree Trek Tour, an unbelievable tour through the snowy forest in where one I enjoyed incredible views while I was learning about the forest’s flora and fauna. Sincerely an unforgettable experience!

CSLI Student Nuria from Spain

CSLI Student Nuria from Spain

Moreover, in the city, Vancouver offers some other fun activities like ice skating at Robson Square or at a community center. Going with some friends in an afternoon is one of the best plans and also is a cheap way to hang out.

Personally, I had a unique experience in this city that I never will forget. I learned how to ride a bike and enjoy The Seawall and Stanley Park with bicycle and feel the chilly wind on my face!

In my opinion Vancouver is a city with an infinity of activities. It is a city where, in each season, you can enjoy it and discover new adventures!


By Nuria from Spain

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