Why To Volunteer?

Why you should be a volunteer….

Volunteering at a Kids Up Front event

Volunteering at a Kids Up Front event

Volunteering is not just for locals! It gives international students a lot of great opportunities.

If you speak English well, you can meet native speakers easily, but if you do not, oh man! Sometimes you feel like you can only speak and hear people from your own country. When I first came to Canada I thought, “Where are all the native speakers?” I couldn’t hear people speak English on the street. So I started searching for volunteer opportunities in Vancouver because I wanted more exposure to English. I volunteered almost every day. While volunteering, I met many local people. I improved my speaking and listening a lot at that time.
So, why is volunteering great for us?
• You can meet local people (native speakers) easily
• If you don’t know what to do when you have free time, volunteering is a really good way to spend your time
• Get a certificate – after volunteering, you can get a volunteer certificate. You can put that on your resume!
• Good life experience in your life – you can help people and you can be a part of the community
• We can learn how to mingle with people from other countries and cultures

Here is some information about volunteer opportunities in Vancouver:

– Vancouver International Film Festival – Starts every year in September
You can apply here -> http://www.viff.org/volunteer/

– Fringe Festival Vancouver – starts in September
Apply here -> http://www.vancouverfringe.com/volunteer/

– Jazz Festival – starts in June
Apply here -> http://www.coastaljazz.ca/volunteer/

– BMO Marathon – usually in the beginning of May
Apply here -> http://bmovanmarathon.ca/volunteer/

– Car Free Day – starts in June (several dates)
Apply here -> http://www.carfreevancouver.org/get-involved/

– Nikkei Matsuri – starts in September
Apply here -> http://nikkeimatsuri.nikkeiplace.org/volunteer/

– Powell Street Festival
Apply here -> http://www.powellstreetfestival.com/get-involved/volunteer/

– Vancouver Fashion Week – spring/summer session in March, fall session in September
Get more information here -> http://vanfashionweek.com/

– Vancouver Pride – starts in July
Apply here -> http://www.vancouverpride.ca/index.php?ch=Screens&screenID=10662
Please follow the links, get more information and apply to be a volunteer!
For every volunteer opportunity, it is better to apply early because sometimes they have limited shifts and an orientation for the volunteers before the start of the event. You do not want to miss those!

Enjoy your life in Vancouver, enjoy volunteering!

Hee from Korea


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