What Dance Taught Me


Iris from Taiwan at the CSLI Dance Off!


It took me a while to think about what dancing means to me.
I started learning ballet at the age of four and danced for ten years, then continued with modern dance, contemporary, Chinese dance, flamenco, jazz, ballroom, locking, breaking, hip hop…etc. I think it is something I can’t get rid of, it is my life style.
However, when sticking to one thing for a long time, you won’t always feel pure joy. Tiredness, pressure, and frustration pile up. As a matter of fact, it is exactly this summer that I suffered the most serious difficulty in my whole dancing career. Before, I was trying so hard that I never suspended practicing for over three days.
But when I realized that I could no long feel any joy in dancing, I decided to throw every concern away, and here I am in Vancouver!
In Vancouver, I have had the most lovely days at CSLI. I met a lot of friends with different personalities and different cultures. It’s a really great lesson to understand distinct ways of thinking. It has completely opened my mind, especially at the dance off. I was one of the few who had learned to dance before, but those who can’t really dance well inspired me so much. Without being competitive with each other, I saw true happiness on their faces; without showing off techniques, I saw brand new moves which totally excited me.
After that day, I gained more energy, these amazing days at CSLI opened up an entirely new level of insight and remind me how joyful dancing is, also how life should be!

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