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CSLI Student Nuria from Spain

CSLI Student Nuria from Spain

Emigrate to another country is not easy. Is an important decision in your live, but if you go with an open mind and with a willingness to learn about the culture of the new country where you going.. That will be awesome.

I’m so happy to discover new Canadian traditions, and I try to adopted in my live because nowadays Canada is the country whose I live in. I have had the opportunity to enjoyed at Thanksgiving and Halloween, that are the festivities that I knew previously; but I discovered new traditions like the Remembrance Day with the poppy flower… now I can’t waiting for the Boxing Day or Christmas!

As well CSLI helps us to integrate in this new festivities. They always prepared activities to make more proper this celebrations. And always the teachers introduce you about that.

Also I always remember my traditions and I miss them, but CSLI brings me the opportunity to explain to other people from other countries my festivities and my culture. And every day I learn something new about other cultures from around the World! And this is so rewarding, because I will grow up like a person having this kind of experiences.

CSLI Student Nuria from Spain

CSLI Student Nuria from Spain

However I discovered that some of the traditions are different, but some of them are not. At the same time, we usually celebrate them in different ways, even if they are the same because our cultures are quite different.

But the most important thing is discover that kind of things with out forget the main spirit that unit ones with others and the most important thing of all is enjoy sharing with all your new friends your new experience in this new country for all of us.


By Nuria from Spain



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  1. Vinii says

    well sir very intresting and also very imrpotant to know about the geography the brief concept of geography in kannada from you shall bring awareness and its importence to every one not only to students and teachers.

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