Vancouver – A green experience

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FilipeWhen I decided to come to Vancouver I started to study about the city and naturally I’ve created so many expectations. However, when I finally got here, the things that was outstanding and beyond my wildest dreams were the Canada’s nature and parks.

Canada is so blessed about it’s nature environment and how Canadians take care about it. Every single park that I’ve visited are so green, flored and clean. Even the public are so clean, this is simply amazing!!

When I see all this beautiful and well treated places I can feel how a Canadian feels proud about their country.


Filipe from Brazil

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  1. Mijin and Ayami says

    wow! Such a beautiful view!!

    You had a good experience in Vancouver!
    I felt how impressed by that you were.
    Whenever I go to Vancouver, it is clean and green.
    I also live in Vancouver.
    I have never seen a dirty place.
    I can’t believe the situations I see through my eyes.

    Thank you for telling us your experience :)

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