Trips from Vancouver – Portland

If my friends ask me somewhere they can go near Vancouver, I’ll recommended Portland, Oregon which is the thirds biggest city in the Pacific Northwest region. Unlike Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, Portland is more tranquil. Furthermore it’s a great place to hiking as there are a variety of mountains nearby. Here are some reasons why I prefer to go to Portland: Cheaper things, beautiful views of the city and entertainment.

First, Portland is one of the shopping paradises in the world. As everyone knows, Oregon is the only state where you can purchase things without taxes and get lots of bar grains. For example, the price of the sneakers, suitcase and so on are at least 50 dollars cheaper than in Vancouver: Therefore, make sure you have enough money to spend when you’re in Portland.

Trip from Vancouver - Portland
Trip from Vancouver - Portland
Trip from Vancouver - Portland

Second, Portland is regarded as the City of Roses. In Portland, you can find lots of roses in the city with historical European architecture, thus you can enjoy the ambience through the city. For instance, there is a place named “Washington Garden” which is a beautiful spot with blooming flowers.

Third, you can watch the most exciting NBA game in Portland. As the Portland Trail blazers have became one of the greatest NBA team, the competition in Moda Centre is no longer boring.

Undoubtedly, is always the best choice when you want to enjoy the atmosphere which is enthusiastic with 20 thousand people inside the stadium.

Trip from Vancouver - Portland
Larry from Taiwan
To sum up, it’s really worth going there if you’ve never gone before. No one can hinder you shopping only if you’re out of money, so ensure you bring enough money before you go there!

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