Tour to the Rocky Mountains

Tour to the rocky mountains

Trip to the rocky mountains

This was the most unforgettable travel that I’ve ever taken so far. I can’t wait to share this exploration with you! I thought our groups were so fortunate, the weather was sunny and comfortable during the four-day itinerary. As a consequence, we could fully enjoy the scenery.

When it comes to the Rockies, we couldn’t but mention Banff, Lake Louise and Moraine, Jasper, Craigellachie, Columbia Icefield and so on. As for me, I would like to recommend Banff, Lake Louise and Columbia Icefield to you.

Banff, a lovely historical town, is renowned for its Gondola. Designed with 360-degree view of mountains range, when we took the gondola, we were amazed by the mountains’ great and splendid structure around us. Because of the power of glaciers, the mountains were deep curved by the shapes of many horizontal lines so white snow could lie on crevasses strongly and permanently; I viewed them as huge cakes with levels of cream; they looked tasty! After we arrived at the top, we walked along the long footpath bridges connecting each mountain and reaching the peak. On the footpaths, we could clearly see all of Banff; everything in our sight seemed to be as small as seeds, and that was so fantastic. Also, the core of Banff was the main resident and shopping area, the construction there was painted in warm colors making Banff a passionate place worthy of visit! We won’t forget Banff! Toward the north, one of the primary locations in the route was Lake Louise. No sooner had we got off the bus then a large blue mirror came into our eyes. In fact, that’s not a mirror lying flat on the ground but Lake Louise. Because the water was so clear and groups of dark green mountains surrounded. It reflected blue and white. Also, I noticed some ice floating at the edge of the lake. How magical! Beside the lake, there was an elegant castle as well. The landscapes here were like a fairy painting, I thought I wouldn’t find a place more fascinating than Lake Louise.

CSLI student Melody

CSLI student Melody from Taiwan

What we had the highest expectation of was the adventure in Columbia Icefield. Here we could take a special glacier truck to the top, on the way, the tour guide who drove the truck detail told us the information about the Columbia Icefield. When we reached the top, we couldn’t stop screaming because the glacier was so amazing, especially the sunlight shining on the ice, it made the glacier look like diamonds. We excitedly started to take photos, stamped on the ice and made snow balls. Everyone no matter how old you were acted like a naughty child soon and I was no exception. The natural power was extremely great and mystic!

Thankfully, I could experience the Canadian Rockies in my life, if I had come to Canada but never gone to the Rockies, I would have  regretted giving up this opportunity.


By Tzu-Yin (Melody) from Taiwan


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