Terry Fox Fundraiser

CSLI Fundraiser for the Terry Fox Foundation to assist cancer research


For the 11th consecutive year, staff, teachers and students of CSLI in Vancouver continue the tradition and this year helped raise close to $1000 for the Terry Fox Foundation supporting cancer research. The funds were raised through school led activities such as Bingo for Charity, BC Lions Football ticket Auction and Cake Walk for Charity.

In addition to participating in the annual Terry Fox Run and educating students on the importance of charity work and social awareness, CSLI teachers went above and beyond and once again organized the CSLI Pie in the face auction. This tradition consists of CSLI auctioning its teachers and staff. Students with the highest bid got to smash a cream pie in their teacher’s face, and have a picture taken with them. All of the proceeds went to the Terry Fox Foundation.


Student Ricardo Rodrigues from Brazil also took the lead in educating his international classmates about the incredible story of Terry Fox through illustrated comics he designed himself.

Download (PDF, 10.78MB)

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