Teacher Interview: Sara Manning (the Listening and Pronunciation expert)

Sara Manning is CSLI’s Listening and Pronunciation teacher extraordinaire. She also teaches the Listening and Accent Reduction Diploma program. Her classes are very challenging but students love them not only because they are of huge benefit for them but also because of Sara’s personality and sense of humour. Her dog Winston is as popular as she is.Sara and Winston

Where exactly are you from?

I was born in England, but grew up in Calgary, Alberta.


How long have you been a teacher? At CSLI?

I graduated with my BEd from UBC in 2004 & have been teaching at CSLI ever since.


 Do you have a specialty?

I’m the morning Listening & Pronunciation teacher, so I guess I’m good at Pronunciation & the sounds of English. 😉


What is your favourite class to teach at CSLI and how does this class help students?

My favorite class is obviously my class (see above) 😉 It’s a challenging class with a lot of homework, but typically students stay in the class for a long period of time. It’s great because I get to witness firsthand their improvements and watch their confidence skyrocket.


What is your favorite CSLI monthly graduation and why?

I love Halloween Grad because I’m a big kid at heart & I looove dressing up.


Where abroad have you taught? How long and how was your experience there?

I taught in Japan for 1 year. It was an amazing experience. Japan is a beautiful country with beautiful, kind people.


Have you taught at other ESL schools?

Nope. CSLI’s the best!!!


Why do you love teaching at CSLI?

I love it here because it doesn’t feel like “work”. I love my coworkers and I also love the fact that the classes I’ve had the privilege of teaching have made me smile & laugh every single day!!


What is your favorite thing to do in Vancouver?

1) Go walking/hiking with my hubby & dog 2) Of course, taking photographs in & around this beautiful city.

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