Study Plan Service

CSLI offers our long-term students a free Study Plan Service. This program is designed for students staying 24 weeks or longer, although students staying more than 12 weeks may request this service. After an initial interview, our Student Service Coordinator will help you set mid-term and overall goals for your English improvement. Then, based on your placement test and speaking assessment, you will work with the Coordinator to decide which CSLI programs will best help you reach your goals most efficiently. To follow this Study Plan, we expect you to meet all student responsibilities.

You are welcome to see the Student Service Coordinator for advice any time during your program.

Midway through your program, you will have another meeting to review your progress up to that point, evaluate your English level, and adjust your study plan to accelerate the improvement of your English skills for the second half of your stay.

Finally, at the end of your program, you will have a final interview with the Coordinator to evaluate your success and review suggestions to help you continue to improve your English after you leave Canada.


Sample Study Plan CSLI 1


Sample Study Plan CSLI 2

How can I know my level?

We will assess your English level with a placement test on your first day at CSLI. (Remember to arrive at 8 AM on your first day of class to allow time to complete the test.) The Assessment Test consists of grammar, reading comprehension, and listening.

After the test you will have an interview with one teacher to check your conversation and pronunciation level. The qualified teachers’ team will decide the course level which best matches your level and meets your needs at CSLI, so it is not always necessary to select your optional programs beforehand if you are unsure whether you qualify for some of them. Just tell us if you plan to study full-time or half-time. Specialty options are available for Intermediate to High Advanced students only.


“Working with a study plan is an effective way for students to achieve their English goals. Each individual student has different strengths, challenges, and learning styles. CSLI’s Study Plan assesses both level and student needs, enabling students to improve more efficiently.”

Erika Herndier, CSLI Student Service Director: