Student responsibilities

CSLI is committed to providing our students with the best courses and learning environment. However, a student’s own effort is also a key to success in English language acquisition. Let’s work together to achieve your goals fast! These are some of the student responsibilities at CSLI:

Student Commitment


Speak English at all times while at CSLI

This is our most important rule. CSLI’s English-only policy is one of the things that helps our students improve their English so quickly. It is therefore important for everyone to obey this rule diligently.

If you need to speak with a friend in your language, you can do so outside. Please do not hesitate to ask the front desk staff for help. If there is an emergency or something important to discuss, you can speak your language with one of our student counsellors.


Arrive on time for all classes and activities

It is important to be punctual for class. Not only can you miss some important information, but it is also inconsiderate to the teacher and the other students if you are late. If you are 15 minutes late or more, you will be asked to wait until after the break before entering the classroom.

Arriving on time for your Friday Activities is essential. If you are late, you might miss your activity. Buses and guides will not wait for late students. To avoid disappointment, please arrive early!


Complete class and homework assignments

To make the most of your stay, participate in class as much as possible. This includes doing your homework. Your classes won’t be as fun, and you won’t learn as much, if you haven’t finished your homework.

If you have very poor participation and/or regularly do not complete your homework, we may change your class. Attendance and homework are compulsory in specialty classes (TOEFL, Business, Listening/Pronunciation, etc.). Students who miss class or who do not complete their homework may be moved to another class.


Be accountable

As an adult student, you are expected to act appropriately towards staff, other students, and the school. Please understand that your actions have consequences, and that behaviour that is found to be unacceptable may result in suspension or dismissal.


Relax and have fun!

Remember – you have travelled a long way and paid for your English experience at CSLI. To get the most benefit, make that extra effort to speak English, to be on time, and to do your work. If you do, your whole experience here will be more relaxing and enjoyable! Make your time at CSLI the best it can be!