Social Time

Social Time happens twice a day; in morning and afternoon. It is an important part of CSLI students’ program.

During CSLI Social Time, teachers are available in the Student Lounge to answer questions and socialize with students. We also offer daily activities and games to help students practice English, learn new English skills and explore Canadian culture.

You will be amazed at how much you can learn while having so much fun!

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Games & English Contests

A great opportunity to meet people and practice speaking English in a real world environment. CSLI prepares many activities to help students relax, enjoy their social time, and meet students from others classes.

Activities are diverse, including holiday celebrations (St. Patrick’s Day, Canada Day, New Year’s Eve, Charity Fundraiser, Bake Sale, etc.), Canada trivia quizzes, Ping-Pong tournaments and a variety of English skill contests (Speech contest, Vocabulary contest, Grammar contest, Pronunciation contest, etc).

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Birthday Celebrations

Nobody can be quiet and shy on their birthday because the whole school celebrates with you!

We sing “Happy Birthday” and give you a birthday treat to help make your Canadian birthday celebrations more special.

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Charity Events & Fundraisers

If there is one thing that sets CSLI apart from any other language school, it is the commitment of the directors, staff, and teachers to make the world a better place in as many ways as they can.

CSLI is continually hosting fundraising events and charity auctions during our social time, and volunteering our time to many non-profit organizations throughout the world.

More charity events…

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