Rock and Roll in Van!

If you are a fan of rock ‘n roll, vintage or alternative culture, Vancouver can be a great place for you. In this article I will talk about some places, types of music, style and whatever you need to know about “alternative life.”

First there are a lot of pubs and bars where you can choose your favourite music, but I will recommend my favourite places here. If you like rock ‘n roll of any type, you should try “The Factory”.  Basically this place is very good to eat cheaper food while listening to the best rock ‘n roll songs. This place is very quiet and not too busy. If you like country music, “The Bourbon” is the best place. They have the best beers and you can ride a mechanical bull. It’s very fun! If you want to try something different and meet local rock ‘n roll bands (yes, unknown bands from Vancouver) you should try “Funky Bar”. This place is always empty, but you can sit to watch the shows and meet crazy people! There are better places like “The Roxy”,  if you like pop rock, this is the best choice. “The Biltmore”, if you like metal or heavy metal, and “The Venue” for famous rock ‘n roll and metal bands. “The Commodore Ballroom” is the best place for rock ‘n roll in Vancouver. This place is so big and and always full. The best shows I’ve seen in Vancouver, happened there.

So it’s not just about live music and rock ‘n roll. You have to have style and Vancouver has some of the best places ever for rock ‘n roll, vintage and alternative style. If you like band t-shirts you have to try “The Rock Shop”. This is the best place! You can buy anything you want about rock ‘n roll. This place is so big and you can find rare t-shirts, buckles, belts and hair dyes. They have another awesome place dedicated to gothic fashion. The name is “Cherry Culture”, and everything there is so cute. Great for cute and stylish girls! If you like something a little more extreme, like industrial gothic, you have to go to “Venus and Mars”, there you can find vintage clothes too.

Well this is a little bit that I know about different cultures and about rock ‘n roll lifestyle here in Vancouver. All of these places and all of these stores are so awesome and you should try and invite your friends or maybe buy something different for someone. Thank for the attention guys!


By Isadora from Brazil

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