Pacific National Exhibition (PNE)

On August 16 was the opening of the Pacific National Exhibition (also known as PNE) that lasts until the September 1st. The most varied attractions can be seen: the luxurious display of Game of Thrones (featuring the famous Iron Throne and a simulator of the Wall) or a competition of dogs and many shows. CSLI gave us the opportunity to visit the fair on August 22 as a Free Friday Activity.

PNE 7.jpg

As a Game of Thrones fan I ran to get the tickets to the exhibition, and I can promise that you won’t be disappointed! The incredibly clothes full of details, the storyboards of scenes, all weapons and prosthesis used in the show. I could spend all day talking about this. The exhibition is quite small, but it makes the huge line worth it. See everything so closely makes you feel part of the cast.



You could go to the Superdogs show too. It’s kind of a competition of dogs with disco songs playing. You’ll cheer to all of those cute puppies! If you like pets and animals, PNE has a farmer place too. With horses, cows, rabbits and even lhamas and alpacas.

Or you could spend your time at the Get Animated! Exhibit, that explores the world of animation with prototypes from famous movies and series like Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon, The Simpsons, and Spongebob. You can also see some Walt Disney’s sketches and his writing machine.

Tasting delicious foods or taking funny rides, PNE is an amazing experience for everyone. If you have the opportunity you should stop by. Live Vancouver!


Article by Carol from Brazil
Photo credit: Augusto Haack

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