My English Learning Experience at CSLI

Helpful, friendly and knowledgeable staff; creative and open-minded teachers; dynamic classes… not only did I had the opportunity to considerably improve my English, but also get in touch with remarkably interesting people from different parts of the world. Thought provoking discussions and absolutely useful test tips – among many other things – made my time at CSLI a good balance between learning the “hard” part of the tongue and also the equally challenging ability to express myself fluently and accurately in English. Student effort was always encouraged in a fun and stimulating manner, which leaves me one single choice: to highly recommend CSLI to anybody who is seeking substantial improvement in English and a joyful Canadian experience.

Maisa from Brazil
12 Week Program

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  1. Elena and Fernando says

    I agree with NaIsa fully.
    There are helpful friendly and knowledgeable staff members in school, and I`d add that they are all very funny and witty. When I came here for the first time I was a little depressed because my English was not good enough and I couldn’t speak correctly. However I immediately got into friendly and hospitable atmosphere and after one week I was amazed and enthusiastic.
    What about teachers?
    Wow… I believe It`s fantastic! They are all creative and very intelligent people.
    These are all qualities in particular that attract me to CSLI.
    I hope I will continue my Education here with pleasure.

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