My English and My New Family in Vancouver

Nasser came to CSLI with almost no English. He has impressed us with his hard work and strong desire to make progress which has allowed him to improve leaps and bounds. He is now communicating with ease and has made tons of new friends from all over the world.Nasser

Hello, my name is Nasser, and I am from Saudi Arabia. I have been studying here at CSLI for about 5 months now. I am going to talk about some of my experiences here in Vancouver. Also, how I improved myself during my studies at CSLI as well as some aspects that helped me to improve. Moreover, I want to talk about my new family here, my teachers and friends.

One of the reasons why I came to Vancouver was to improve my English because I need it for my job. I am a Bio-medical Engineer, and some of my duties are to get in contact with some foreign companies via email and to travel for business. When I came to CSLI for the first time, my English skills were not good enough except for basic conversation such as ordering from a restaurant or getting a coffee from Starbucks. I was nervous and worried on my first day at CSLI because I was not sure if I was going to be able to improve my English. Also, I was concerned about how I was going to communicate with my teachers and classmates. However, my teachers were very friendly with me in a way that gave me confidence to speak and interact with my classmates and other people outside the school. One of the things that gave me confidence especially in my speaking was the activities in the class and mixing some classes together.

Since I am new to the city, I enjoyed participating in some of CSLI’s activities. The best activity I have ever done with CSLI was going to Whistler. I tried skiing for the first time in my life there, and I enjoyed it a lot. Another activity that I enjoyed participating in was Movember Fundraiser. Even though I won the Movember Fundraiser, I was happy that I could help people who needed that money, and I am happy that I was the reason for it. These kinds of activities inside and outside the school gave me experiences and knowledge about many things. In CSLI, I met many people from different countries, and I learned a lot about their traditions and cultures. Now I have a new family here that are my friends. We have shared good and bad moments together.

Finally, I cannot believe that it is my last month here. I will miss my school, friends, and this beautiful city. Now, I would like to thank all of my teachers and friends, the ones who are still here or the ones who have already left I won’t say goodbye, but see you. Also, PLEASE remember that if you have a chance to visit Saudi Arabia, you have a place to call HOME.

by Nasser from Saudi Arabia

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