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Meet the Poet: Maycon from Brazil

Maycon Gomes de Souza has been studying at CSLI for 2.5 months. He has written 156 poems in Portuguese and his goal is to publish his first book before he is 30 years old. His English has improved tremendously during his stay at CSLI and we are sure that he will soon write a magnificent poems in English.


Maycon at False Creek seawall

He would also like to share his experience at CSLI in Vancouver:

I could make a lot of compliments, not only about the quality of the teaching but also in the mastery of the teachers, support staff and all of those involved in the process. Everybody is committed to teach the language in an easy way, always showing us how we can improve but isn’t this their job? Yes, but the difference is that every student is “special”, every culture counts, every moment, game and exam… it doesn’t even come close to the feeling I had in my first weeks, the feeling that increases each and every day this felling called “Family”. Here at CSLI we find new friends, brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts and mothers and fathers. They all want the best for us and are concerned if we are sick, sad or even too quiet. CSLI staff and teachers are always available and they are that family who are pushing us to be better. Thank you for everything, CSLI family! I imagine that in some nations is common to be thankful and grateful and I am here today to thank CSLI with a Nikos Kazantzakis’ quote: “True teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross; then, having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create their own.”



For any poem lovers, here are two of his compositions:

O Poeta

Sou Poeta… Por este motivo;

o Sonho é a alegria do meu viver!

Um sonho infinito…

Azul… Profundo… intenso

Logo me esqueço da Vida que tenho presente

pela Vida maior que há no meu Ser…

Nasci para o azul imensurado

para rasgar o céu de asas abertas…

Voar… Ah! Em meus sonhos eu vôo…

Voar… Voar… Até te encontrar!


Que este sonhar só me faz bem!

Sou sempre incomum…

Não me sujeito a domínio algum

E que este meu sonho não acabe nunca!


Pois é neste sonho que Você encontro

Que Você eu beijo… Que eu amo…

Que em seus braços eu me perco,

E me perdendo… Eu me encontro!

Sonhando com Você

This is part of me

The love I have for art, among the infinite and boundless sky

Because half of me needs it and the other half as well

Within the difficulties, the mistreatment, arrogance, indifference and lack of understanding, never straying from my art or love

Because half of me is for you and the other half as well

I always imagine the sound of birds after a day of rain, such days never fail to make me smile and enjoy the return of the sun

Because half of me needs dreams and hopes and the other half as well

– Maycon Gomes de Souza

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