My CSLI Life and The 3-Diploma Business Program

Hello, my name is Ethan and I’m from Korea. I started to study at CSLI on 4th August and I studied there for about 4 months. I’m going to introduce my CSLI life and the diploma business program I was in.

First, Business class!

When I came to CSLI at the first time, I took a diploma Business class because I wanted to take a special class. Also, I’m 25 years old so when I go back to Korea I have to get a job. That’s why I thought Business class would be helpful. When I took the business class, I felt the serious atmosphere of the class. Most students in the business class were high level. They had been studying for a long time and I was a new student so it was difficult for me. I had to have a group presentation at the final week based on the famous Canadian Reality TV show “Dragon’s Den”. It involved making our own company and selling it to business investors. It was real because I did it in front of CSLI’s owner Lori-Ann and other business people. Our business idea was offering service to take care of our customers” pets at their own home so they can enjoy their free time. Our company name was “Home Alone Pets”. It was not easy but my teammates were so good and they helped me a lot. The most useful thing I learned in business class is writing a cover letter and a résumé because I didn’t know how to make a résumé in English. If you have a work visa and you are planning to work here, it will be very helpful for you.

Second, English for Effective Communication (EEC)!

In my third month of CSLI, I took a second diploma class—EEC. This class is focused on public speaking.

Actually, I don’t have any confidence speaking in front of many people, even Korean. That’s why I wanted to practice public speaking in this class. In the first week, I had to have a presentation. The topic was open choice so I talked about my major, Spanish. My major is familiar to me, so it was easier than other topics. I did it without script that’s why I could speak more naturally. My teacher Kara and my classmates told me it was good. I was really glad to hear that. Since that time, I have more confidence. The second week I learned to discuss like a leader and how to speak more formally. The third week, I had a team debate. My teammate was my Japanese friend Ayumi. Our topic was long distance relationships and we were arguing for the pro side. The debate was neck and neck but finally we won. When I debated, unsuspected questions were difficult for me because I was expected to answer immediately. At the last week, CSLI’s owner Lori-Ann came to our class and she taught us about gesture. In public speaking gesture is very important so it was a very good lesson. At the final presentation. I could see my classmates’ improvement. My classmates and I, we were satisfied with this class so much that actually this class became the most favourite class in my whole CSLI life. Everything was good, contents were good, and teacher Kara was so good! She encouraged us to be confident to speak in front of people, so she became my favourite teacher too. All of my classmates agreed. Furthermore, all of my classmates were so nice we encouraged each other too. Thank you guys: Alex, Aileen, Abdullah, Ayumi, Tom, Tom (B), Hubert, Taeseung, Patrick, Hayoung, Miho, Ryo, Mirna, Hide and David. We will never forget this class and each other!

Third, Listening and Accent Reduction!

In my last month at CSLI, I took a third diploma class—Listening and Accent Reduction. Actually, I was supposed to graduate before this program started but I received the Student of the Month award, so I was able to study one more month for free. I felt much honored because I’ve never gotten a big prize like this in my life! Anyway, now I’m going to introduce this class. This class’ teacher is Sara. Actually, Sara normally teaches the general listening class and I’ve taken it for about 2 months so I could tell how different those two classes were. This diploma class is more focused on practicing pronunciation like accent, intonation and stress. As you know, North American people don’t pronounce exactly every word so we have to know how to pronounce words like Canadians or Americans do. It’s called “reduction”.

Also, you can keep practicing listening like CBC news. In this program, the guest speaker Emma came to teach us about pronunciation. She is a specialist in teaching pronunciation. Listening to CBC news is still challenging for me and I think Sara’s class is the most challenging class at CSLI but practice makes perfect. I’ll never give up!

When you take this class, please don’t give up and do your best!

This week is my last week. I can’t believe it because I still remember well when I came to CSLI for the first time. I feel the summer vacation was just yesterday. Time flies! Most of my friends already went back to their country. For 4 months I saw my friends leaving so many times so I felt sad and empty. Finally, I feel I’ll go back soon. In retrospect, I have a lot of unforgettable memories with my friends like the Whistler trip, Victoria trip, Boat graduation, Karaoke graduation and Halloween graduation party and so many activities in CSLI. Actually, the period that I stayed at CSLI is the happiest period in my life. I would just like to say a personal thank you to all the people who helped me adjust to the life in Canada. Thank you all my friends, teachers, staff at CSLI—especially the Korean counselor Claire. You guys are kind and awesome! I’ll never forget you. See you :)

by Ethan from Korea

Business Program Graduation

Business Program Graduation

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