Why I love CSLI and Vancouver

At the beginning I didn’t know what to expect from this city. I was overwhelmed because all of the unresolved situations I left in my country. On my first day, three months ago, I was feeling so nervous. I mean it’s not just another school. It’s also in another language. What if they couldn’t understand my English? What if I couldn’t talk in English? What if I don’t know the way home from my school? All these questions about Mexico I was thinking about at the same time. It was just a mess. It took me just one week to fall in love with this city and problems, to disappear! Between all my new friends from Iceland and Saudi Arabia! So many things to do and many things to see. All these things together with me expressing my ideas and saying my opinions in a completely different language. Now after three months I’m still in love with this city and the school. My maturity is growing step by step. This city gave me a new dream and a new goal. Now I’ve learned that my comfort zone doesn’t end in Mexico or in Monterey. So I just want to say, Thanks, Canada! Thanks, Vancouver! Thanks, CSLI and especially thanks to my teachers because they really opened my mind and they gave me an entire world of new opportunities!

By Jorge Elizondo from Mexico

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