Learning English at CSLI Vancouver

2 years ago I came to Vancouver to learn English. This time I couldn’t speak English because when I was a high school student, I hated English but I like talking and I was interested to talk with foreigners. First of all I couldn’t decide a school.

Every school was same for me. So I sent totally same questions by E-mail for every schools then CSLI was polite, kind and the best answer.

My first day in CSLI, I met a host student who show me around the school. She’s also Japanese but her English was awesome and cheerful. I thought I want to be like her. This school is totally different than other schools.

A huge lounge has a lot of opportunities to talk staffs, teachers and different nationality students.

Marina from Japan
Everybody is so kind and friendly. Every week we have break time games.

Sometimes we mix high level and low level classes. In my case, I was very afraid it because I didn’t understand what they talked about. But one of students told me that if I didn’t understand, just ask them. And they tried using easy word. After that we are very good friends.

Every Thursday and Friday we have activities. On Thursday we go to national restaurants after school. On Friday we can choose one of few free activities. Both time also we can make new friends and improve speaking and listening skills.

After 6 months, I changed to another school because I needed new environment but 3 months later I came back.

The reasons are that most CSLI students are very friendly and they make sure English-only policy. I guess CSLI is the most improve speaking skill at ESL in Vancouver.

To be honest, I didn’t study so much hard. Of course I did home-work, review and tried improving my skills but hung out with my friends after school almost every day then when I realize, I can speak English.

This is my opinion, CSLI teachers are not just TEACHERS also FRIENDS. Students are not just FRIENDS also TEACHERS. For me this school is second home.

Marina from Japan


Marina from Japan

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