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My First Impression of Vancouver

Yurika at Granville Island with her new international friends

Yurika at Granville Island with her new international friends

Hello everyone. My name is Yurika Tomita. I’m from Japan. I will talk about my first impression of Vancouver and learning English at CSLI

I learned English in the Philippines for two months before coming to Canada. I arrived on January 7 and I did a trial lesson at some English schools for one week. And then, I chose CSLI because, I thought that CSLI creates a lot of communication between students. I believe that it is the most important thing to consider about learning English.

Therefore I chose CSLI, where I can learn English through many activities. The last two weeks have passed quickly. I was blessed with a very good teacher and friends at a school that has a great communicative style. Everyone is friendly and they welcomed me into a ping-pong party. I made Mexican food with my team for the International Chef Graduation party. I spent every weekend with my friends so there is no time for less!

I have a very fulfilling school life.

Next, I will talk about my family in Vancouver. I stay with the family of a Canadian man and his Philippine wife, and their 4-year-old boy and 2-year-old girl. It is a very lively family. I’m having a good time with five students from four different countries so my home stay is international too. I play billiards with our family together at home. 

My host mother can cook very well and can make international food. Everybody feels like it is a true family as they are so kind.

Finally, it was a very big challenge to come to Vancouver for me, I was uneasy about it too. However, I was very lucky, because I could meet a good host family and I could find a good environment at CSLI and I could make a lot of wonderful friends.

This experience will be a treasure for me for a lifetime!

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