La Copa del Rey (The King Cup)

CSLI Student Ecio Rivas from Venezuela

CSLI Student Ecio Rivas from Venezuela

La Copa del Rey is one of the most important Soccer Championships from Spain and also is the most older soccer tournament in the country since April 6 of 1903 with a total of 111 editions.

The team who won more trophies until now in this competition is F.C. Barcelona 26 in total.

This Year is an amazing and exiting moment in this cup; the two teams who will play the Finals this April 13 are Real Madrid C.F and F.C Barcelona the two biggest soccer clubs from Spain. Until this edition both teams have been playing 6 final with an average of 3  victories each, it’s exciting see a game of titans, they have a rival  history that dates more than 110 years, they try to prove be better one than other, and it’s so amazing to see then play soccer on the field, they show their passion and beautiful game that all people want to see.

This Semi Final was pretty interesting, the Real Madrid played against Atletico de Madrid, and was the revenge of Real Madrid who lose the last year the Finals with Atletico, and this year won all the semi final games with the porter’s lodger in zero, Atletico de Madrid was not living the best moment, but like the usual they fight on the field every time, the luck and the moment was from Real Madrid, they show better game and better physical conditions, the revenge was done, and Real Madrid won with a global score 5 – 0.

El Barça (F.C Barcelona) played the Semi Final against Real Sociedad, and in this case the global score was 3 – 1 in favor of the Barça, this Semis was really tight, because the Barça was not living their best moment, the lesson of Messi the last year, the change of coach and the inconsistency of some of their players, is notorious in the game of the team, even though the Barça is the Barça, and they won the matches and they goes to the Finals.

In all the world and all the soccer competitions Real Madrid and Barcelona are the best of the best, they are the source of talent of many good players who were born on their clubs, this years we are going to see for sure a spectacular final game, the history of the Spanish soccer and the rival sportsmanship of this two clubs will be writing a lovely page on the finals to La Copa del Rey.


By Ecio from Venezuela

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