Just the way you are!

I’ve been at CSLI almost 11 months. I’m one of the longest students. Nobody believes that I was shy. I couldn’t be familiar with them until 5 months. It took 5 months to get comfortable with everybody. I know Japanese people are  really really shy but sometimes it’s not good. Now, almost everybody knows my name(I hope) because I’m kind of crazy Japanese. When I came here, we were Okinawan group of girls. We are from the same school in Japan and we already knew each other very well so I could hang out with them but after they left, I had to realize that I don’t have really close friends anymore. So I tried to change myself. I tried to say hi to everyone and keep in contact with them everyday. That’s it:) After that I could make a lot of friends from other countries, Brazilian, Korean, Mexican, Saudi, Chinese Spanish, German, French, Thai, Taiwanese and Colombian. Of course Japanese friends too. It was good for them and me because we had to speak English in the school and outside of school. I could enjoy Vancouver with them a lot. I don’t know how many times I told them “thank you” .CSLI is the best school ever. I love all students and teachers, staff and also volunteers. Students are always helping each other. Volunteers and staff are always working for students. Teachers are kind and sometimes crazy. I love them. I think we don’t have big wall between teachers and students, we are like friend:) The best thing in this school is we can meet new students every week and make new friends anytime! but we have to say good bye to someone who graduates from school every week. It’s the hardest thing ever. Finally it’s my turn to go back to Japan. I had a good experience in CSLI. I want to go to all countries to meet them again. I really want to tell everybody thank you so much. You are awesome! I could enjoy Vancouver life a lot. I’m going to miss you guys so much. I don’t want to say good bye because I wish we can meet again. Finally, all that’s left to say “Don’t waste your time because you’re shy” If you want to change your life, you should do it. Just the way you are. You can do it because I did it! Enjoy CSLI and Vancouver life. Thank you for all your support. See you soon my crazy friends! Love you!!!

By Reina Oshiro from Japan


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