Japanese traditional clothing: KIMONO!



Everyone knows Samurai wears kimono. I will introduce especially girls’ kimono.

Kimono is Japanese traditional clothing. The word “kimono” means “wear thing”. Kimono has been used by many languages.

Kimono has straight – lined robes and it talls to the ankles, with attached collars and long wide sleeves. Females wear kimono always with right side or left side (for male is the opposite) and secured by a sush called “Obi” which is tied on the back and under the chest. Kimonos are generally warm with traditional shoes, called “zouri” with split – toe socks.



At present, kimonos are often worn by women on special days (wedding, graduation ceremony, paying the New Year, tea party…). Generally, unmarried women wear a kind of kimono called “Furisode” (longer sleeves than kimono). Professional sumo are often seen in the kimono, since they are required to wear it whenever appearing in public.

CSLI Student Ai from Japan

CSLI Student Ai from Japan

Traditionally, kimono and obi are made by hand and made of silk, silk brocade, and satin weaves. The design can determine in which season it should be worn wear. For instance, a pattern with cherry blossoms should be worn in spring. During the summer watery designs are common. In autumn red leaf is popular, bamboo and pine trees are for winter. Although, old kimonos have value, they are often recycled. They can be used for making handbags, small kimono accessories and especially for sweet picks used in tea party.

The above was told about kimono. I hope Japanese kimono can spread to the world.


By Ai from Japan

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