Interview with Damian, the biggest BC Lions fan!


Damian, teachers, and students at BC Place enjoying BC Lions game

Where exactly are you from?
I’m from Madison, Wisconsin originally but my family moved to Alberta when I was 8.

How long have you been a teacher? At CSLI?
I’ve been a teacher for more than 10 years and I’ve been here at CSLI almost 6.

Do you have a specialty?
My specialty is LOVE!

What is your favorite class to teach at CSLI and how does this class help students?
I really enjoy all of my classes. The key to being a successful teacher, I think, is having the ability to teach across many subjects. We need to be able to teach grammar, pronunciation, writing and speaking. I guess my favorite part of class, though, are the in depth discussions we’re able to have at the higher levels.

What is your favorite CSLI monthly graduation and why?
Movie grad because it’s always great to see how involved students get when making their movies. And, there’s nothing like seeing their faces when they see themselves on the big screen. It’s pretty cool, eh?!

Where abroad have you taught? How long and how was your experience there?
I was an ALT in Chiba City, Japan for 3 years and I absolutely loved it. Sometimes, though, the Junior High School ichi-nensei thought I was a jungle gym.

Have you taught at other ESL schools?
A long time ago. They haven’t been able to find me so I’m not going to name them….shhh!

Why do you love teaching at CSLI?
The students. It’s what keeps me coming to school day after day.

What is your favorite thing to do in Vancouver?

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  1. Andrea Mussap says

    [Oct 31st, 2015]
    Hi everyone!!

    I’m taking two week english conversation course with Damian, at CSLI, and I’m loving it! Damian is funny and very smart.

    Andrea Mussap.

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