Interview with Becky, CSLI Soccer Coach

This year we were lucky to have teacher Becky as our CSLI soccer coach at the Club ESL Soccer League! This talented group of students took us to the semifinals where they did a great job under her guidance.

Hello, Coach! Can you please introduce yourself?
Hi! My name is Becky.

Becky's sexy back photo by Iva

Becky CSLI Soccer Coach 2015

I heard you love soccer. Which team do you usually support?
I love soccer! I have been playing since I was 6 years old. I love playing the game, coaching and watching soccer. I have season tickets to the Whitecaps and I love to cheer loudly at the games!
Last month I went to 3 FIFA women’s soccer games. It was an inspiration to see the amazing ability of the players.

You are a coach for CSLI soccer team, is that right?
Yes, I am the coach of the CSLI soccer team. We have an amazing team that work hard and are amazing soccer players! They are all very talented and it is a pleasure to coach them.
Come out and watch a game, we love to have fans come and cheer us on.

You are also a teacher. How long have you been a teacher? At CSLI?
I have been a teacher for a long time in some capacity. I have taught Preschool and Kindergarten in Vancouver and High School in China. I have been teaching at CSLI for 1 year and it has been an amazing experience! The staff, volunteers and students are awesome at this school!

Do you have a specialty in teaching?
Well, I really love to teach beginners, I love their energy and enthusiasm to learn English! I also really love their excitement in class.

CSLI soccer team

CSLI Soccer Team 2015

What is your favourite CSLI monthly graduation and why?
My favourite graduation is the Halloween grad. I love to dress up and last year I dressed up as Tigger. I love the Halloween grad because I love seeing all the creative costumes of the students. I also love to carve pumpkins and decorate my house with spiders and ghosts.

What do you love about teaching English as a second language?
I love to see students having fun learning English. I love to see students getting involved with activities in Vancouver and enjoying this beautiful city. Thanks for the interview!

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