I’m not sad because it came to an end, I’m happy because it happened!

I didn’t have any expectations before coming to Vancouver, I really use this strategy in my life to avoid disappointments, so I couldn’t imagine how amazing it would be.

After almost 6 months here I can say that I’m another person, I changed for the best, I have so many histories to tell, so many friends I have made, so many parties, so many gorgeous places I have known, so many ski runs on Grouse mountain =]…

I want for say thank you for all the teachers, friends and staff who helped me to improve my English and to encourage me to work hard for it. I really appreciated that. I can say that my English had improved a lot. It’s incredible how a relaxed system guided with seriousness and competence can enhance our learning.

But after my time here, learning English was no longer my priority, and it came naturally when I realized a lot of important and beautiful things that I could learn here and carry it for the rest of my life, I mean, we have people around us from dozens of different nationalities, with different costumes, religions, cultures, beliefs, routines, races and others differences, and it’s magical to see how we can live together in the same environment in peace, and I realized that trying to understand these differences, or just respecting and accepting it, we really can live together in peace, and we can see that we are essentially all the same.

So my advice is: enjoy your time here as much as possible, study really hard and mainly make a lot of friends. Try to take this opportunity to be opened minded and don’t be stuck in your own world, because we can learn so many incredible things with each other that we can return to our homes as better people.

By Helena Salgado from Brazil

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