Hockey in Van!

CSLI Student Renan from Brazil

CSLI Student Renan from Brazil

What I would say about hockey in Vancouver?  Actually, it is a perfect combination when we are talking about relationship among fans of hockey, passion and admiration.

As should you know, Ice Hockey is the most popular sport in Canada.

Honestly I don’t have background about this game, in the beginning I didn’t understand about the system of this kind of sport, however after some matches watched, became clear to understand what is           going on during the games, rules, etc.

First of all, let me talk about this sport here in Vancouver city. Basically, There are 6 players for each team thus 5 skaters and 1 goaltender and the match consists in 3 periods, there are each twenty  minutes long, with intermissions in between.

Also, must be used equipment that is so important, still Hockey is a aggressive game and could be danger to play. The players before games need to bee well prepared with skates, helmet (with visor or cage), mouth guard, shoulder pads, elbow pads, hockey gloves, hockey pants, athletic supporter (jock), shin pads, hockey socks, jersey, and hockey stick.

Canucks is the most traditional team, and you will find a lot of big fans that even can loose their control if the their lovely team start to loose in the Hockey seasons. And the strongest opponent is Vancouver Giants.”

One thing that we can’t forget is to mention about Garth Rizzuto who was the greatest player for Canucks and for the sport in general.

I really advice students, and people who aren’t from Vancouver to watch the games. That’s can be exciting for everyone to join with the fans and to see the players scoring points and doing their best.

If you are interesting, we can watch games on Rogers Arena and the price for tickets can cost around 50 dollars to 120 and that depends on the match.


By Renan from Brazil

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