Theme-based monthly Graduation Parties!

At the end of the month, we have a graduation celebration attended by the entire student body. These parties are centered on exciting events such as Harbour boat cruises, Beach barbecues, International Expo, Iron Chef cooking competition, Oscar grad, Halloween party, Carnivals,  Mr. & Ms. CSLI Contest, etc. Graduation parties are always FREE for CSLI students.

Academic classes are also available for students who prefer to study in a classroom setting.

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Grad - Boat Cruise

Christmas Grad

International Chef Graduation
International Expo - Mexico



Weekly Graduation

All students are recognized in a special ceremony at the end of their studies. There are weekly graduation ceremonies for students who are leaving us before the end of the month; they receive their CSLI Diploma in front of the whole school.

Weekly Grad
Weekly Grad
Weekly Grad
Weekly Grad
Weekly Grad
Weekly Grad



CSLI Diploma

All CSLI students who successfully complete their program are awarded a CSLI Diploma in recognition of their proficiency and progress. Students are required to speak English at all times, complete assignments, participate actively in class, and have good attendance.