Get to Know the Student: Elin

1. Why did you choose Canada for your study?

Because Vancouver has been ranked the 1st best City to live in and filled with Green nature. Also I heard Canadians are so kind and friendly. I wanted to experience that kind of city.

2. What made you come to CSLI?

CSLI classes are focused on speaking English. I was really afraid of speaking English and I had no confidence. CSLI has special Friday activities that everyone can join. That is a good opportunity to make many friends and speak English! This school is 100% suitable for a student who wants to improve their speaking skills like me.

3. Why did you want to volunteer at CSLI and in Canada?

Before coming here I studied in Japan for 1 year. I studied Japanese at University in Kyoto and worked in Japanese restaurant (Izakaya) as well. My co-workers were all Japanese. First time it was really hard to understand what they were saying and I misunderstood customers’ orders and made a lot of mistakes. However I was getting used to my job and my Japanese was improving a lot!

I hung out with my co-workers after working and tried to speak Japanese as much as possible and listened carefully when they talked to each other. So that time I realized that it is important not only to study foreign language by myself but also it’s important to have many experiences.

That’s the biggest reason why I decided to be a volunteer at CSLI.

4. Are you having a good time in Vancouver so far?

Everyday Vancouver life is filled with nice experiences for me. One of the best experiences was when I went to Deep Cove hiking with CSLI friends on a sunny Sunday. At the top of the mountain while listening to music, we just lied on the rocks and enjoyed the sunshine for 2 hours. At that time, I felt like time stopped and I was so happy.

I also love being in classes with CSLI friends. We can share our different culture and opinions. Sometimes with silly jokes, we laugh a lot. I love those moments.

5. Have you ever made a mistake at CSLI? How did you recover it?

Yes. On one of the big graduation days I spoke my own language (Korean). So I got a yellow card. After then I never spoke Korean in the school again!

6. How do your friends describe your personality?

They said it was difficult to approach to me when they met me for the first time. They thought I am cold but after becoming close friends they always said to me “You are crazy and so funny!”

7. What is the most challenging part of your volunteer experience?

The hardest part is of course to understand English. I should always pay attention when staff are talking to me. It’s challenging for me but I think it’s good for me.


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