Studying English in Vancouver – first day at CSLI

During my whole life I have dreamt about learning English, but always I had a new excuse. But now I am going to do it, Vancouver, here I go.  I will be here for 6 weeks in a homestay family. The Dream comes true it is amazing.

I left from Salzburg Airport at 09.45 am, I arrived in Vancouver more than 15 hours later. On Sunday, the 27th of April I went directly to my new homestay in New Westminster, just outside Vancouver. At next day I get up very early in the morning – 6 o’clock – it was a short night because I was too excited for my first school day. My homestay father attend me to CSLI.

Study English in Vancouver
Now I am a student again, my last time at school was eight years ago. But I will try my best furthermore I’ll enjoy everything in Vancouver.

At 8 o’clock I was in the school doing my entry-level test, the assessment was talking-listening-writing. After then I got my first morning class: there were so many students, and I was a student again also the only German speaker. I loved it.

At the first time it was really challenging for me to understand my teacher, the students and the variety of topics. At home I’ve learned simple topics about directions, families but here you discuss any topic.

The topics are composed of a wild range that you never discuss in your country normal English class for example have you ever thought about having a conversation focused on alternative sources of energy in English?

I didn’t. It is really challenging but this is an interesting and funny way to learn English.

Study English in Vancouver
But you are not alone here, everyone here is friendly also they will be happy to speak with you after their school time, so try not being shy, make new friend hang out together discovering the city and consequently improving your English skills.

The school offers not only English lessons also you can improve your English knowledge at one of the different activities available on Friday. Activities invite you to see more from the city and know more students from different classes. There is also opportunity to learn more about their culture on every Thursday.
With many students and new friends are the perfect matches to learn English in Vancouver. Have fun!!!


By Elisabeth from Austria

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