Film Festival Grad Party at CSLI

CSLI English school

CSLI English school

Our school CSLI is one of the best schools in Vancouver. And every students would have same opinion. What makes them think that CSLI is amazing? There are a lot of reasons for sure. For example, place, environment, teachers, staffs, Activities, etc.

I’m going to choose one of charms about CSLI. Basically we have small graduation on every Thursday. Also We have a big, big graduation party on each end of the months. And these have a different theme for each graduation party. I’ll give you some examples, Halloween party, Christmas party, Oscar party, and so on.

But actually my favourite graduation party is Film Festival on March. Let me explain about this event. First of all, every class have to come up with something what kind of film are they going to make.
The theme of film could be everything. Whatever they want. This is one of the reasons why their films would be awesome. And they need to prepare everything for their movies by themselves. Story, stuff, place, actor, actress, casting, everything. I think this process is going to make these films original. And most amazing thing is their films are going to play on huge screen in the movie theatre. Every year, CSLI borrow movie theatre for this event.

Preparation for Film Festival

Preparation for Film Festival

As I expected, The Film Festival 2014 was really good. Of course all students were excited, because they could see their own movie on the huge screen in the theatre. It must be great. When we saw the movies, we were laughing, cheering, shouting. It was so much fun.

This year, I could see many kind of films. For example, fantasy, horror, and action. Some of classes made their own original stories. The other classes parodied Frozen, Harry Potter, Pirates of Caribbean, The Ring, and so on. And all of them were super.

However, this festival was also sort of competition. So CSLI chose some of students to be judges and they had to decide which movies can get awards in the end of party. By the way, my favourite movies were: The walking dead from Stephanie’s class and Nightmare on Nelson street from Damian’s class.

CSLI Film Festival Grad Party

CSLI Film Festival Grad Party

What about my class??Actually my class didn’t make a film. Just because I was taking special diploma class so we need to focus on studying. Even so, we had a really good time on film festival. And also we made a commercial instead of movie actually. We advertised about CSLI in 30 second commercial. It was also fun.

As I mentioned, our school has a lot of this kind of activities. I guess these things attract many students. In fact, I’ve been this school for almost 7 months and I could have a great time with my friends. And I had a lot of chance to try new things. I really appreciate it.


By Issho from Japan

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