FIFA Women’s World Cup

I was so excited about this championship that I was counting down the days to the beginning of the 2015 FIFA Women´s World Cup.

As soon as I arrived in Vancouver I tried to buy a ticket to see some Japanese game at BC Place Stadium. Even though I´m Brazilian I was supporting the American and Japanese teams. Because at the last world cup, in 2011, they played against each other and this game was so remarkable that I craved to see both teams play again. And my wish came true… They played against each other at the final game!!!

The only game I watched at the stadium was Japan against Switzerland, it was the first game for Japan in this championship. It was great to see them score and I could scream “goal” with all the Japanese fans. The energy inside the stadium was stunning, especially when we did the wave.

If you couldn´t go to the stadium (because the tickets were sold out or if you didn´t have money), another option was to go to the FIFA Fan Zone. There you could watch the games in two big screens and you could drink some beers (only if you are over 19 years old) or free coke, and eat something at the food trucks. The best part about Fan Zone was watching the game with lot of people around you so everybody can scream together to celebrate a goal or complain about a fault.

The final game started at 4pm, I went to Fan Zone at 1pm and it was already packed. So I decided to watch the game at Boston Pizza Stadium District. I was walking at downtown and I saw many American fans. I chose to walk in the middle of the American crowd. While they were walking they started to scream: “I believe that we will win”. It was contagious…For a while I forgot about the Japanese team and I started to scream with them.

I got a table inside Boston Pizza, so I could watch the game at their 300-inch screen with my ice tea and air conditioning. With every score by the American team I felt I was inside the stadium…lots of people celebrating, it was awesome.

If I could I would have gone to the stadium to watch the final game. But I had a great time inside the bar as well.

The day after the game, I was waiting my bus to go home, when I saw the American team bus…So I decided to follow the bus (I ran behind the bus) and I had the opportunity to see all American soccer players!!!

Nobody was allowed to take pictures with them or ask for autographs…The only thing we could do was take photos of them. So here they are!

Women's World Cup


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