How it feels to say goodbye

At the beginning while I was watching the tour video on CSLI’s website and I watched the testimonies of the students my firsts thoughts were “It’s difficult to believe it” “how could a school change their lives?” But now that I have lived this “Canadian” life, I can believe how this school and this environment can modify, and not just that, even change an absolutely different perspective of life!

I won’t mention in this article how amazing the teachers are. I mean not because I don’t believe it, they are, it’s just because I guess they hear this a lot in all the speeches of the students. They usually have said “you are amazing” “keep in touch” “see you soon” and it became a pattern inside the school, so I want to do this a little bit different and say words that I’ve never heard in the speeches at CSLI.

First of all you have no idea how gigantic your heart is! All the things that you have done for the students that’s the amazing thing here! You are wonderful people that open your heart to the first person who stands in front of you! Either Korean, Japanese, Mexican, Colombian, or any other of the 86 different countries that have             visited us as a student in CSLI  you guys are willing to help with everything and you really care about the students you have no idea on how many lives have you left a mark or how many lives you have changed.

Personally, for me they are helping me even with my future! They are concerned about me, about my future, what am I going to do, I couldn’t believe that people can open their heart so easily and so quickly that it took me less than a month to see a change in my perspective about them. I do not see them as my teachers anymore, I see them as a part of my family and that’s why I’m so grateful to this school. So I have the hugest debt that I’ve ever had and I am actually happy to have it because it’s not a debt of money.

For the students please I beg you guys! Don’t waste your time here in Vancouver and don’t waste the opportunity to meet these wonderful people, make some friends from other countries, learn English, learn from other cultures and different opinions. Canada is not just to party and have a good time it’s also to learn and the best thing is that you can do both at the same time!

All in all this experience definitely changed my life. Every day was something different, I actually can say that I learned one different thing each day, I grew up, I met people from all over the world and I made the most weird, strange but interesting and crazy friends that I’ve ever made and despite the sad days in which I had to say “bye” maybe “for ever” to some of them I’m glad that I could meet them. All of them left a deep mark inside of me that even time can not erase.

Thank you for reading my article. I appreciate your time.

Jorge Elizondo from Mexico

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