Experiencing a New World Through Soccer

Experiencing a New World Through Soccer


CSLI Soccer Team

Playing for the CSLI’s soccer team for me was an unique experience, I have never played with so many different nationalities in the same team before. For me it was more than just playing soccer, I learnt respect and how to deal with  different cultures in a challenging situation. For the first time I was not just playing an ordinary game as I always used to play, I was experiencing a new world. A world where soccer is not just a game, a world where soccer is an opportunity to practice your English, make new and true friends and enjoy your stay as much as you can.

I have to thank CSLI for providing me with this experience!

I really don’t know how to describe the feeling of playing and representing CSLI. I’ve played soccer for Corinthians, a soccer team from São Paulo, for 1 year in the U-15 category.

The feeling of playing for Corinthians is just the same as playing for CSLI, even though the Corinthians game used to be much more serious than the CSLI games. For me all of the games are the same and I always do my best, always. I’m very proud to have represented CSLI in the ESL tournament and I am proud of my performance.

I wish I could have played more for CSLI but when I got here the tournament had already started so I only played 2 games. Regardless, these two games were enough to make me feel a part of the CSLI family!

The victory is not always most important thing. For me the most important thing was the friends that I made during the tournament.


Lucas Bueno from Brazil

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