My experience at CSLI

It was hard to make a decision to complete my studies abroad. On the first day I thought that CSLI was like any other school, but after this day I realized that CSLI isn’t just a school.

It’s a big family, I feel like I’m in my home.  Amazing front desk, fantastic teachers, awesome volunteers and fascinating students. I am enjoying every single minute starting with lovely “good morning” and big smile through  break and ending with a little voice coming from front desk says “bye guys, see you tomorrow”. On the other hand, a lot of tears and pain because we will miss one of our family, it is Graduation Day!!

Since 1992, CSLI started to unite the world not just by teaching English. They are using a new method to teach English and have fun at the same time. Friday activity is the simple way to describe this method.

During class days, there are up to three outdoor activities and two English classes if you are interested to develop your English and that just for free! Also there are an amazing event every month. The event of March was Film Festival which means every class should make a short movie of one shot acted by class’s students and as usual “there is a winner”.

Moreover, Monday you might think is a little bit boring especially when you have a homework or exam, but at CSLI you will definitely be waiting for it to enjoy delicious donuts with your friends.

In addition, there is an international night every week, a group of people prepare for a night to show us their culture and cuisine. Additionally, they celebrate a lot of events and festivals like Saint Patrick’s Day.

Overall, I have loved my experience at CSLI, you should make the most of your time here!

By Abdullah Abdulrahman from Saudi Arabia

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