Have you ever gone skydiving?

It sounds interesting and even exciting, doesn’t it?  I could say it was the best experience ever. From now on, I would like to talk about one of my bucket list items I’ve just marked off.

A couple of weeks ago, as you may have heard, some of my CSLI friends went skydiving. We had hoped it would be sunny day until before the day. It was a little cloudy day, however, it was perfect weather for skydiving!

First, we were trained how to jump from an airplane for a while. After waiting for a long time, I got in the airplane with CSLI friends and my instructor. It made me more scared, when I realized that I would be the first one jumping into the sky.

It took about 15-20 minutes to reach the sky. A lot of things came into my mind on the airplane while rising, as time went on.

By the time my instructor asked me to wear my goggles, I felt that my heart started beating faster and faster. The time for skydiving was getting closer to me.

Suddenly, my pilot’s arm passed right in front of my chest to open the side door. It was an indescribable moment. I zoned out for a moment. Lots of air and  it was so noisy that I was able to hear nothing. I put my foot on the step. Time to jump!

READY, SET, ARCH! I finally jumped into the sky! I went crazy! I was so excited that I shouted into the sky as much as I could. It was so amazing. It was definitely less scary than I had expected. When I made a landing, I thought ‘I did it!’ It was such a great job I have done.

Actually, I wanted to go skydiving last summer. However, I missed the chance. So, I had been waiting for almost 8 months until the skydiving activity began again this summer. I desired it so much for a long time. As soon as the skydiving team offered skydiving this summer, I made a reservation.

What I would like to say is that if you desire something so much, please do it, whatever it is. Don’t think too much because of fear or thought of failure. Trying is much better than doing nothing. Not trying is the worst.

By Alvin from South Korea


You can book your skydiving trip with one of our partners Club ESL here: http://clubesl.com/tours/sky-diving-excursion/

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