Enjoy your trip and friends

Actually, I never thought I would come to Canada, but I think I made a really good choice!!

When I first arrived to CSLI, I was actually a little bit scared. It is              because I will be here a long and I didn’t have any friends in Canada and in school.

It turned out that all the students in CSLI are really friendly, they are willing to help me, teach me, share a lot of information to me and I made a lot of friends at here in CSLI.

Before I came to Canada, I was an international student in Japan, but Canada and Japan are total different. At CSLI, you don’t feel like you are in school, because with every students and teachers, we really feel like a big family. Here in CSLI, you can hang out easily with every one and every students and teachers are really awesome and friendly!

At CSLI, we got to learn many countries’ cultures, because every Thursday we had different country’s night. We learned about                   different country’s food cultural. Also we got to learned about the festivals and holidays and the reason behind it. We even had parades and events for these holidays. Friday activities helped us to get to know each other and we visited a lot of places in Vancouver.

Due to The school, I was also able travel to many places in North America with a lot of my friends. I went to: Rocky Mountains, Banff, Toronto, Seattle , Portland, California, New York ,Washington DC, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Cancún (Mexico) etc.

I made a lot of memories with my friends in North American and I think I will never forget my year in Canada , because it was really             awesome.

Before I never thought I could use English to connect with other people, since I didn’t speak any English last year. Maybe my English is still not very good, but now I can communicate with my friends and I can understand what they said.

I’m so happy I made a good choice to come to CSLI and I will never forget everything here.

Last I just want to say enjoy your life and don’t miss every change and hang out with your friends.

By Link from Taiwan

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