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Our teachers, staff, and students make CSLI a unique school. Below, you will find testimonials in which students just like you share their experiences and what it is like to be part of the CSLI family.

Fabio from Brazil

Study abroad gave me opportunities to become a person with new values, attitudes and goals. It was awesome to embark in this amazing atmosphere and increase my knowledge about Canadian culture. At CSLI School, I had great teachers that encouraged me to be better every day. I achieved skills to express my speech and listening in different situations: on the street and in a job interview (informal and formal ways respectively).
Participating in all Friday Activities as leader volunteer and as student was possible to experience the real Canadian adventures: hockey and curling games, hiking on the mountain, skiing and ice skating, Halloween Party, museums and walk around incredible parks.

In addition, I made countless friends from all over the world. A perfect and rewarding chance to broaden my perspectives in general. Huge opportunity for personal growth and development.
Study abroad allowed me to glimpse the kind of future I might want to lead; it was an experience that I’ve always looked forward to and can now look back on with no regrets only unforgettable memories…


Monica from Colombia

I’ve been here in CSLI for eight months and I wish I could be longer because I’ve found the perfect combination of nice friends, great teachers, polite staff, kind volunteers, funny activities and an awesome cosmopolitan city; all these things have made me feel very comfortable and happy. I’m pretty sure I’ve taken almost all the classes CSLI offers: Conversation, academic, listening and pronunciation, business diploma, accent reduction diploma, IELTS course and pathway program. I have also participated in most of the Friday activities from cooking to traveling, but there is more; I’ve enjoyed Thursday nights and cultural activities of Canada.

Before I came here, I thought it was impossible for me to speak in English because my accent is strong and I felt embarrassed when I spoke. Now, I feel really grateful for my teachers and everyone here who have been encouraging me to improve my English. Thanks to all of them, I’ve gone from an intermediate to an advanced level and I’ve learnt my accent is part of my identity and I can get a high English level and be fluent even if my accent is different.
CSLI is awesome! I’ve never ever seen so many people from different countries as here, even in the most touristic place I’ve visited. Now, I know CSLI is my second home and that I have a lot of homes around the world!


Thierry from Switzerland

Hello, my name is Thierry, I’m from Switzerland. I have been her for 3 months. I’m very sad to leave this school because I had a lot of fun here.
I made great friends and I think I improved a lot in my English. I took 2 kinds of classes: Academic class in the morning focused on journay skills and grammar; listening class in the afternoon. Because I’m Swiss and I speak french, my accent was very strong. But I think I had a lot of improvement during this 3 months

I also had a lot of fun in the school. I think what is nice with this school is that everybody is together and share lot of activities. Before and after school, there are always a lot of students are getting together, so you will always improving your English by talking with these people from different countries. So yeah I had a lot of good time here. Come here, you will enjoy too!


Renata from Germany

Hello! My name is Renata, I’m from Germany. I’ve been 4 weeks here in Vancouver. I’m so sad to leave this school, because I had a lot of fun here. It’s so nice here! I haev 2 kinds of lessons here. My morning class was Concerversation Class; in the afternoon, I had private lessons. I think it’s a perfect combination. The teahcers here are very very great, the teachers prepare lessons in many different ways so I have lots of motivations here. I love this way of learning.

I will also never forget my trip to the Rocky mountains with my friends. It was a very beautiful trip, with lots of mountains, rivers and lake. And the best thing was that I get to see a brown bear in person. Thank you for everything! Thank you for all!


Riku from Japan

Hello, my name is Riku. I’m from Japan. Now I’m studying at CSLI. School life is exciting and present everyday! Because people from all over the world are studying English here. So I’m everyday talking in English. Its’ very fun. CSLI’s teachers and staff are kind and very friendly. Vancouver is very similiar to Yokohama and Tokyo, so I’m feeling vert comfortable here. I found Canadians all have one personality : Very kind people! So I love this country and CSLI! Thank you!


Tatiana from Brazil

I have been in CSLI for almost 4 months. Before I came to CSLI, I had studied English for a long time but I couldn’t speak English veyr well. I knew lots of grammar but speaking was difficult for me. At the beginning of my study at CSLI, I took a lot fo conversation class in both morning and afternoon. I think it was very good because I gained a lot fo confidence. After that I took Academic class, which was very good. The focus is on reading and trying to understand words I didn’t know from just the content of the text.

Now I’m in Listening and Pronunciation class. I also think it is very good. I think this experience I have here is very good for me not just because my improvement in English, but also the chance to learn about other cultures and meet people from around the world, vary nice people! Thank you so much everyone for making my trip and experience here so special, you guys are awesome!


Maria from Brazil

Hi I’m Maria from Brazil! I studied at CSLI for 48 weeks. This school has the best teachers you can have. You feel comfortable to be yourself in class. You can just be you in school. This school ius awesome! I love this school because I improved a lot in my English and everybody is always helping me and they always support me. This is so cool! Because you when you came from a different country and tried to learn English, you thought it’s going to be difficult.

But no, this school is different, CSLI is like a family. I love this school. I have friends and everyone here. This is very cool!


Anna from Switzerland

Hi I’m Anna. When I look back to this 10 weeks, it was just an awesome time here in this school. I feel very comfortable here and I have 2 great teachers in the morning and in the afternoon. My morning class is Exam Preparation class, and I just had my exam last week, I have to say that I feel I did really really well. Because we did a lot of practice, and the teachers are very great. They try their best to motivate you and prepare lessons in many different way, so you never get bored.

I had so much fun, because even though they are strict but also make you feel comfortable. I also met many nice people here from around the world, and I made so many friends and I know I will keep in touch with you on facebook. I will miss the school and I’m sure I will come back! Thank you


Camille from France

I like CSLI because the school is very different. For example the teachers are very different from France. They are very friendly, they have a lot of energy and I really like that. They bring enthusiasm to the class all the time. They make me feel comfortable and they encourage me. I’m more confident right now and I have improved my English. For me, teachers at CSLI are more not just teachers, they are friends! They gave me a lot of advice not only in English but also my experiences and life in Vancouver :)


Melody from Taiwan

Melody from Taiwan had a great time studying at CSLI, English Language school in Vancouver, Canada. She has improved a lot on her speaking fluency and confidence. She also made many friends from different countries. Let’s see what she says! I’m from Taiwan. Before I came here, I didn’t have any chance to practice my English or conversation in Taiwan. At CSLI I feel that I have improved a lot and I have made many friends from many different countries.

We can learn about each other’s culture and share opinions in English during break times. It is very awesome!


Yeon Ju from Korea

I was afraid of speaking English even I had been studying English for a long time before I came here. That’s why I decided to go studying abroad. As time pass by, I am getting more comfidenrt speaking in English and living in Canada. At CSLI, Not only do passionate teachers put all their effort on encouraging me to improve their English but also all the staffs being very friendly makes us feel relaxed and comfortable. CSLI provides various free Friday activities and  good-quality classes.

It is fantastic because I prefer learning something new by trying and experiencing it, not just studying books. The school is also well balanced with the ratio of different nationality students. Thanks to these specialties of CSLI, I have many opportunities to make my lovely friends from every different country. It is awesome! Anyway, I believe that my English has been drastically enhanced in the past two months at CSLI, and I got essential information about Canada such as its culture, landscapes, and history. It was a great experience and I wish I could come back to Vancouver. I will miss a lot of people here, and this summer is the best summer I’ve ever had. I am sure that ‘You’ will be also satisfied with the school as much as I am.


Alex from Brazil

Hello everyone! This is my second time study at CSLI. I decided to come back because I love this place. Especial the teachers. They are amazing people! They are so patient with us and I love the methods they use in teaching. Especially they always show us a big smile and encourage me to learn more!


Kaue from Brazil

HI everyone, I’m Kaue from Brail. I have been in Vancouver for 6 months. Studying English in another country is not a easy thing but CSLI gave me the opportunity to improve my English. And now I’m comfortable and confident to speak in English, and I hope you too! The most important thing that you need to do is to make friends from different countries. My Best friends are Saudi guys, Korean and Japan. I also think my teachers here are the BEST people in the world.

They made me comfortable and stay positive. I’ll go back happy because now I can speak English!


Pedro from Colombia

I came to CSLI to polish up my English. I first came at English level 5 and ended up getting in a college in Vancouver. In the school I met a lot of friends like Cynthia, Yuta, and Vitali, who are most likely to become lifelong friends. The staff are the best and the school is amazing as a whole. My experiences and my memories are the best and I will keep them forever. It’s an experience that everybody should have. With CSLI’s help I successfully got in to Farleigh Dickinson University.

I owe them a lot specially because they helped me learn English, pass the TOEFL, and get into university and meet nice people!


Yui from Japan

Hi! I’m Yui from Japan. I’ve studied at CSLI for 4 months. I love the school because I have many nice teachers and students. They are so kind and friendly. Teachers always helped me whenever I have questions. Thanks to them, I really enjoy studying English everyday! 


Steven from Korea

CSLI helped me to make friends and be positive when I had a problem to meet new friends, Before I came to Vancouver, I made my mind that I should laugh with new friends and talk actively. CSLI supported me with many activities. “Break time activity” and “International Theme Night” gave me a lot of chance to adapt to a new school. On my first day, they had an activity called “Find Someone Who”. It was really good chance to make friends.

And every Thursday, there is “International Theme Night” which is not only a good place to make many friends but also to eat food from other countries and learn new cultures. Teachers at CSLI are very friendly and have passion to teach, so I’m not afraid of speaking with Canadian people. I had the best time here. I think that everyone can enjoy at CSLI with a lot of good teachers and good friends. I’m really thankful to my parents and CSLI who gave me a great experience and a turning point in my life.


Yasser from Saudi Arabia


Hello everyone, this is Yasser Aldehaimi from Saudi Arabia! I am now studying in IDAHO STATE UNIVERSITY in United State, since January 2011. I used to study in CSLI for 87 weeks, and after that my English was improving until I got the ability to study in University with native English speakers in US. Moreover I feel confident about my English now, and I can travel anywhere around the world without any problem, because I got the secret key (English language). When I was in CSLI I had really great time and it was one of my best time I ever spent in my life. I didn’t just study English but also I made many friends around the world and I still keep in touch with them and I learned a lot about their culture.

Thanks CSLI for all good things I learned and special thanks for all staff for all their help. Miss you CSLI!


Iran from Mexico


Hi! I’m Iran from Mexico. My English has been improved a lot since I came to CSLI. The Power Vocabulary Class is amazing, I don’t have fear in speaking or conversation in English anymore. My teacher is so creative and the dynamic atmosphere and system in class make me Learning and enjoying so much at the same time. I had no stress, no conflict and struggling. I learn faster than before when I was in other schools. I recommond CSLI as a great school to you. For you who want to speak Englsih, you will have a good time here!


Rafael from Brazil


I had the best time of my life at CSLI. Here I met amazing people and great friends who I shared my moments and feelings with. At CSLI I found a family and friends who I will never forget! I started here in June 2008 as a shy boy with little English and no friends. But I still felt very comfortable being here from the first day, and then I met many people. My English also started getting better and better. I love the environment and atmosphere here because it makes me feel like it’s my second home. My message for everyone here is to enjoy your time here at CSLI and in Vancouver. I hope I will come back soon, so this is just a brief goodbye and ‘see ya later’! See you guys soon!


Elif from Turkey


Hi, I’m Elif from Turkey, Istanbul. This was my first time in CSLI. I had only 4 weeks; it seemed really short to me but very precious also. I remember my first day; I was shy and I was trying to speak the less possible, I was afraid of doing mistakes. But with my teacher’s help I learned how to speak better and fluently, all of the teachers are very kind and friendly to their students. Their approach and support encourage being brave talking in English. I met lots of different people from different countries. It feels good and comforting to find common points with people from different cultures.


Chloé from France


I’ve been in CSLI for 34 weeks. I had the chance to meet such amazing people to learn a lot about English obviously but also different cultures and about myself.
CSLI’s environment helps me to be comfortable with English. Teachers and the staff also help and guide us all around their experiences. In CSLI I had the opportunity to meet friends from all around the world thanks to all the break time games, Friday activities and the extra activities after school. This kind of experience helped me to grow up and to meet improve my English a lot! While I studied I had the chance to experience Olympic fever during the 2010 Winter games. Especially being a volunteer at school, helping tourists, taking pictures, and writing articles. I wanted to say THANK YOU again for all your time, help, smiles and kindness. I’m going to miss all of you a lot and hope to see you again soon!


Romano from Switzerland


This is my last message from beautiful british columbia and I just wanna say thank you!!! I had such a wonderful time here with all of you, I met so many wonderful friends like you and I´m gonna miss you so much! I had so many nice experiences, not just about english, also about people and I think I learned a lot for my life here in vancouver also because of you guys. I really hope that I can come back one day to visit you or that we can meet somewhere in the world.
Have a wonderful time and enjoy, love you all


May from Taiwan


Hi Everybody! I am May and I’m from Taiwan. After my friend introduced me many schools, I chose CSLI. Because I visited many other schools and I only saw a lot of Asian students and their classrooms are in an office building. They only remind me of my old days in cram school in Taiwan. But at CSLI, the staff’s  friendliness, the multicultural environments and many students from different countries impressed my a lot. Now I almost finished my 6 month program here, I’m glad that I made the right choice. I made so many friends from many different countries. The class is fun and keeps me excited all the time. Teachers here are so friendly and approachable that you can even be friends with them. I opened my eyes and changed me a lot. I grew a lot and different from who I was before this experience. CSLI is beyond my expectation and I love it so much. If you have a chance to come to CSLI, I’m sure you will have a great time.


Pablo / Chile


I was a student here 4 years ago and I obviously, didn’t regret that trip…thus I came here again. Why did I come back to CSLI? I went to university in Chile and they told me that it was necessary to have an internship experience. So I called the school and ended up getting an internship at CSLI. Being part of the staff is such a different experience compared to being a student. It is just amazing and I have learnt a lot. So now I’m 3 weeks short of leaving again and JUST like the first time I really don’t want to go back to Chile. It’s such a great experience and such a different way of learning. I also feel that I have grown up here. I’m pretty sure I’ll be back in Vancouver one day!


Nikky from Thailand


My name is Nicky and I am from Thailand. When I arrived at Canada, I could speak very little English for the first two months. Every day when I came to school, they are very friendly and helped me when I had a problem. They explained everything that I couldn’t understand; also they helped me to do my best. I really like this school. All of staff, teachers and friends have been really kind. I’m glad to be here.


Kevin from Korea


Time has been passing so fast. It is hard to believe that 5 months have already passed since I came here and I have only 3 days left to graduate from CSLI as well. I have met lots of friends who are from diverse countries that I have never been to before, while I have been studying at CSLI. I was really happy to study, enjoy Friday activities and hang out with them. Even though I was not an enthusiastic person to participate in many events that were organized by school, I would like to say that I appreciate how the staff, volunteers and teachers always did their best to make a comfortable and active atmosphere. I think every student presumably felt your effort and concern.

In addition, I have seen considerable improvement in my English skill such as speaking, vocabulary, listening and confidence compared with before I came here through various classes that contain specialized features. For instance, the Power Vocabulary class, Business English class, Exam Preparation class, Academic class and even The Slang class, allowed me to know how to use appropriate words, what are the weaknesses in my English, what the differences are between written English and spoken English and so on. I believe all of these factors are obviously valuable and unforgettable matters for people who not only are studying at CSLI right now but also for those who have already graduated from CSLI.

Most of all my friends who were pretty close to me have returned to their own countries, and now it is time for me to leave from here. I am convinced that I have obtained tons more things than I expected and also I definitely pleasure to have the opportunity to say how the time I spent at CSLI was awesome and valuable.