Our Friendly Staff

CSLI has an amazing team of energetic staff members working for you because we want to ensure that your experience in Canada is positive and memorable.

CSLI’s staff can help you with any questions or concerns that you may have about your stay in Vancouver – anything to do with your studies, homestay, or life in Vancouver.

Remember that all questions are welcome. There is always someone available to talk about any questions you may have about adapting to your new life in Vancouver: study goals, culture shock, homesickness, or personal challenges.

Our staff all speak a second language, so they can help you not only in English but also in Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, and French. Just contact them and they will be very happy to help you.


Meet our friendly and helpful staff

Robin Hemmingsen

President, LaSalle College Vancouver – LCI Education network
Where from: Canada
Part of CSLI family since: 2016

Cynthia Watson

Academic Coordinator
Where from: Canada
Part of CSLI family since: 2000

Cynthia is always making sure that students are getting the best quality education from CSLI. Cynthia is an avid cook and loves watching foreign movies. She is currently learning her 6th language.


Abdulkarim Alquanisi

Admissions Team Leader
Where from:
Saudi Arabia
Part of CSLI family since:

Abdulkarim is responsible for the Middle Eastern market and admissions. He loves travelling and learning new cultures. He can help you in both English and Arabic.

CSLI Staff - Diego

Diego Gore

Office Coordinator
Where from: Argentina
Part of CSLI family since: 2013

Diego is always here to help you with homestay and admissions. He used to travel around the world (over 35 countries) with Disney on Ice. He is also an avid skier and can help you in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

CSLI Staff - Claire

Claire Kim

Admissions Counsellor
Where from: Korea
Part of CSLI family since: 2013

Claire is responsible for the Korean market and admissions. She loves South American wines and dark Chocolate. On the weekend you can catch her out running with her two dogs along Sunset beach. Claire can assist you in both English and Korean.


Adriana Sanches

Admissions Counsellor & Pathway Coordinator
Where from: Brazil
Part of CSLI family since:

Adriana is responsible for the Brazilian market and admissions. She is always making sure that every student enjoy their stay at CSLI and get to explore Vancouver. Adriana can assist you in both English and Portuguese.


Iva Datseva

Activities Coordinator
Where from:
Part of CSLI family since:

Iva is our activities program coordinator extraordinaire. She loves to travel and meet new people from different cultures. In her spare time she does kickboxing, spinning and goes to concerts. She can help you in both English and French.




Daira Ferrari

Admissions Counsellor & Agent Support
Where from: Argentina
Part of CSLI family since:

Daira is responsible for our Pathway program and agent support. Her experience with colleges and the Vancouver job market can help students choose the best post-secondary institute for them. Daira can assist you in English and Spanish.