CSLI Cares

CSLI’s Mission: Care – Share – Learn – Inspire
“Uniting the World” is CSLI’s charity side.

CSLI’s aim is to enrich the lives of those who study, work, and play with us:

  • emotionally (you feel it)
  • intellectually (you get it)
  • spiritually (you live it)

CSLI is continually hosting fundraising events and charity auctions, as well as volunteering our time to many non-profit organizations throughout the world. In addition to funds raised by students and staff, 10% of all CSLI profits are donated to these projects.

We all seek our own way to make a difference in the world; ours happens to be “Uniting the World through English.” This is the real CSLI, and the people who make up a very special part of us: our families & host families, teachers, staff, directors, agents, suppliers, but most importantly, our students and alumni.

As different as we think we are, over 20 years, CSLI has taught us that we are very much the same: We all care. But we are the lucky ones on this planet: we have an opportunity to help those who are less fortunate.

And we make all efforts to remain free from any religious or political message: our call is for understanding and education for all.


These are our CSLI projects:

Adopting a Town:

With the help of our charity partner Rose Charities Canada, CSLI has adopted a township called Kalmauni on the neglected east coast of Sri Lanka. From the first few days after the 2004 tsunami, CSLI has supported projects here from emergency relief, medical support, counselling, education (pre-school to university scholarships), training, and micro-credit that continue today.


Building Schools:

After Lawrence’s return from Sri Lanka’s tsunami site, CSLI helped finance the building of a community centre in Kalmunai (2006), as well as the building and replacement of schools damaged by the tsunami throughout Sri Lanka (2005). Our latest and greatest project is building a school with computer labs to provide online education and to support their limited public school education so more local students can go on to university and a promising future. Never have more local children had the opportunity of a better education than now.


Starting Micro-Credit:

Lawrence Keenan, Director of CSLI, was the co-founder of Rose Charities Micro Credit (2006), established to provide low interest small loans to families needing to (re)start small home-based businesses after the destruction by the tsunami of communities like Kalmunai.Many people wanted and needed to work but had no access to money. Micro-Credit runs like a small community bank, lending out small amounts for 6-8 months, helping farmers (chicken, rice crops), small shops (groceries, bakers), craftspeople (jewellery, clothes makers) and tradespeople (builders, potters, brick makers) get back on their feet. Most loans are given to women and all participants become members of this community bank, where profits go to grow their economy and help with training and education of their children.



CSLI supports three scholarship and children support programs, all of which make education a reality in these children’s lives: Eight children through Children International from the Dominican Republic, the Philippines, India, and Chile have been supported financially over the last 10 years through regular contributions from staff and student fundraisers (1995). Twenty students* from Kalmunai have been provided university scholarships so as to be able to attend college in Colombo and Jaffna (2006, 2010) through a Rose Charity initiative called UniversiTea* (tea is one of Sri Lanka’s major exports). Two promising Cambodian students (2010) Mao and Nhor, without our funding, would not be able to optimize their talent.


Local Community Projects:

Kids Up Front Vancouver (2012 – Present)

CSLI has chosen this organization as our fundraising project of 2012. We helped under privileged children to attend events in Vancouver, such as hockey, theater, science world, etc.  Every 5 dollars we raised, sends one child to an event, our goal is 1000 children per year. CSLI Directors, teachers and staff teachers organize fundraising events periodically to support Kids up Front. This also provides CSLI students numerous volunteering opportunities to practice English, achieve personal growth by reaching out to the local community.
Kidsupfront parade

The Terry Fox Foundation

In memory of a heroic Canadian whose attempted run across Canada with only one leg to raise money for cancer research won the hearts of Canadians and the whole world.


Big Brothers & Sisters

CSLI has been active with the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada for a number of years with both Directors ‘adopting’ single-parent kids: Big Brother Lawrence with Kris (1990) and Big Sister Lori-Ann with Kenta (1994).


Gift of Giving (2008)

CSLI Staff donated their bonuses to charities of their own


Random Acts (2010)

Support to Brock Tully’s project over the years



CSLI has an established recycling policy with student and staff waste materials (2005) and is currently undergoing a revolutionary energy saving program that will not only optimize energy efficiency but also capture surplus heat energy generated in classrooms by converting & regulating temperatures throughout the school with the use of a cooling system (2011). This removes the need for traditional and wasteful air conditioners & air expellers. Surplus energy can then be exported to the attached apartment building to help reduce their energy costs by preheating their water supply.


Our Latest Project:

Overseas Volunteer Program

As an extension of our education programs in Sri Lanka we also fund volunteers abroad. Sonia Herndier, (public school teacher and) mother of our Erika, graciously volunteered her time and skills to help teach English to Rose Charities staff, students and teachers in Kalmunai in 2011. An integral part of our ongoing relationship with our Sri Lankan community. CSLI sponsored her flight, accommodation, meals, and travel, as well as support teaching material. Jono, one of our teachers followed in 2012 in providing essential followup support.


Micro Credit Awareness Tour

CSLI Bikes Across Canada on the Trans Canada Trail* to create greater awareness about the benefits of micro credit and how it is the intelligent way of giving to others in need. Lawrence started in April 2011 in Vancouver on his bike quest, traveling on a national network of bike trails across Canada’s heartland. His 6,600 kilometer adventure finished in Halifax summer of 2012.



Charity Events at CSLI

There are always fund-raising activities going on at CSLI, and if you are ever asked to bring a can of food or a children’s toy, participate in an auction, purchase an ice cream cone or a cookie or, in extreme cases, throw a pie in your favourite teacher’s face, it is because we want you to help us to help others less fortunate too.
Kidsupfront event