Choosing CSLI as Your English School

Improve your English communication skills

English school Vancouver - Conversation Class

CSLI specializes in Conversational English classes. We provide an active and engaging environment where students can get comfortable speaking English and learn to communicate effectively and with ease.

With CSLI’s focus on conversation and our “English only” policy, students are provided lots of opportunities to practice English and to keep improving even outside of the classrooms while socializing with other international students.


Active, friendly, and international environment

English school Vancouver - Friendly and active
Students from over 100 different countries have chosen to study at CSLI’s English school in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. At our school people from all over the world meet and become lifelong friends while enjoying the best time of their lives!

Through break-time games, parties, special events, and international theme nights we stimulate a cultural, social, and educational exchange in English while having lots of fun.


Professional and helpful teachers

English school Vancouver - English class
All of CSLI’s teachers are native English speakers with professional English teacher training and TESOL certificates. Our competent and friendly teachers create a fun and engaging class atmosphere that helps students continue to improve and develop their English language skills. We are proud to have so many experienced high quality teachers at our English school!


English programs with variety and flexibility

English School Vancouver - English course
CSLI’s wide variety of English courses and programs enables students to focus on their areas of interest and overcome their weaknesses. At our English school students have the flexibility to change their programs weekly.

This flexibility allows both students staying for a shorter stay as well as long-stay students to get the most out of their experience in Canada and make great improvements in their English language abilities.


Friday Activities with no extra cost

English school Vancouver - Summer Whistler Trip
At CSLI you can use your English in fun and practical situations during CSLI’s famous Free Friday Activities! Every Friday we organize activities for our students so that they can practice English while experiencing all the great things Vancouver and Canada has to offer.

Among the many options are sightseeing tours, sports, cooking, and cultural experiences! There are NO EXTRA FEES to join these activities!


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