Vocabulary Study Skills

Class description

This dynamic class helps students make passive vocabulary much more active, learn strategies to improve memory and to better recall words studied. The class gives students the advantage they need to succeed in academic environments.

Through excerpts from university level readings students are able to transform their passive vocabulary (words which they can understand if read or heard) into active vocabulary (words which they can readily use in their own writing and speaking).

Vocabulary Study Skills Class Vancouver
An essential part of vocabulary study is retention; this program will teach the strategies needed to remember new words and ensure that they become an active part of your vocabulary


Class details

  • Class focus: Vocabulary building, Reading, Writing, Speaking
  • Hours per week: 15 hours
  • Language levels: Intermediate, Advanced
  • Maximum class size: 16 students (Average: 14 students)
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Start dates: Specific dates. Please see Diploma Program schedule.


Can be combined with another class to create a full-time program (30 hours/week)


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