Listening & Pronunciation

Class description

This course focuses on
+ Overall Listening Comprehension
+ Discrete (word-to-word) Listening Skills
+ Clear Pronunciation

The Listening & Pronunciation class is designed to help students develop clear speech and increase their English listening skills.

LISTENING   Through specific listening exercises, students can improve not only their listening comprehension but also their vocabulary, idioms, and expressions.

English Listening Pronunciation class Vancouver
+ Listening homework is assigned to students twice a week for additional practice.

PRONUNCIATION   Students learn about the English sound system, rhythm, intonation, and how sounds are linked together. The teacher guides students to make self-corrections and produce clear pronunciation during in-class activities, allowing students to improve articulation and reduce accents.The teacher guides students to make self corrections and produce clear pronunciation during activities allowing the class to improve articulation and reduce accents.


Class details

  • Class focus: Listening skills, Vocabulary building, Pronunciation
  • Hours per week: 15 hours
  • Language levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Maximum class size: 16 students (Average: 14 students)
  • Duration: 1 – 52 weeks


+ LISTENING & ACCENT REDUCTION DIPLOMA PROGRAM is also available for advanced students to further improve their articulation in speech and reduce their accent.

+ Can be combined with another class to create a full-time program (30 hours/week)


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