Diploma Program

Program description

Each month CSLI is featuring a Diploma Program to help students achieve their specific English language goals. Students who successfully complete the program receive a CSLI Diploma. All Diploma programs are 4-week half-day programs (15 hours/week) and can be combined with another class to create a full-time program.

Students are required to attend the complete 4 weeks and present the final project or pass the final exam to receive a diploma. The Diploma Programs are filled on a first come first serve basis. You can see the specific start dates of the Diploma Programs in the Diploma Program Schedule. There is NO additional cost on for these courses and programs.

Diploma ProgramsBeginnerIntermediateAdvanced
Listening & Accent Reduction
Business English
English for Effective Communication

+ The price of the CSLI specialty diploma programs are the same as our regular courses.

+ Participation in Diploma programs is subject to student level and course availability.

Diploma Program schedule

MonthDiploma ProgramDate
January 2016English for Effective Communication (EEC)4 weeks
(Jan 04 – Jan 29)
February 2016Business English4 weeks
(Feb 01 – Feb 26)
March 2016Listening & Accent Reduction4 weeks
(Feb 29 – Mar 25)
April 2016English for Effective Communication (EEC)4 weeks
(Apr 04 – April 29)
May 2016Business English4 weeks
(May 02 – May 27)
June 2016Listening & Accent Reduction4 weeks
(May 30 – Jun 24)
August 2016Business English4 weeks
(Aug 02 – Aug 26)
September 2016Listening & Accent Reduction4 weeks
(Sep 06 – Sep 30)
October 2016English for Effective Communication (EEC)4 weeks
(Oct 03 – Oct 28)
NovemberBusiness English4 weeks
(Oct 31 – Nov 25)
December 2016Listening & Accent Reduction4 weeks
(Nov 28 – Dec 23)