My Dream and my Life at CSLI

Chiaki at a local restaurant The reason why I came to Canada to study English is to improve my English skills so I could be an English teacher. One of my English teachers in my high school is the greatest person. She is very kind and she listens to me carefully whenever I talk to her. When I failed in an important exam, she cheered me up and gave me a lot of advice. Then I could pass a more difficult exam, thanks to her. That’s why I respect her sincerely and I have decided to be a teacher like her.

I studied English grammar very hard in Japan but I noticed that even though I’m good at grammar, I cannot speak English fluently, and I don’t have any confidence in my speaking skills. This is because I never have any chances to talk with foreign people in Japan, so I feel nervous. However, if I become an English teacher, I will have to speak English in front of students and teach them in English. As a result, I decided to come here.

For me, CSLI is the best school to improve my English, especially my speaking skills. In CSLI, if I make mistakes when speaking, teachers correct me and tell me how to pronounce words correctly, or tell me more common expressions kindly. Besides, teachers always listen to me with a smile, so I do not feel nervous and can practice speaking confidently even in front of many students. Of course, I can also practice English by talking with my friends!

At CSLI, I not only get English knowledge but also many techniques for teaching English here at CSLI. In Japan, some students don’t like studying English and teachers have to think about how to encourage them. At CSLI, however, we can enjoy ‘warming-up’ first. In warming-up activities, we can use English, enjoy it, and get new vocabulary and some ideas that we are going to learn in the classroom as an introduction. This is a great idea because sometimes warming-up is a game, so students who don’t like English can also enjoy this activity and learn English. After I become a teacher, I want to adopt techniques which I learned here. In addition, at CSLI, I can learn about foreign cultures in Thursday and Friday activities. It’s not good to know only the language itself, and I think we should know the culture of the country when we study a foreign language.

I can get many things at CSLI, and I’m sure that this life at CSLI is helping me make my dream come true.


Chiaki – Japan

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  1. CSLI says

    Chiaki is our December 2014 Student of the Month! The Student of the Month is a prestigious monthly award to a CSLI student who is a model for others in terms of progress, attitude and involvement. She is an inspiring and hard-working young lady and we will miss her dearly!

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