Benefiting from CSLI’s Business Program

Fernando's Business English Program

Fernando’s Business English Program

My name is Fernando. I am 19 and I’m from Brazil. In my country, I’m studying at a university and my major is Administration. At the moment, I have left my course to come to Canada to learn English and then, when I go back to Brazil, my chances of getting a good job may increase with a good English level.

Since I arrived in Vancouver a lot of things have been surprising me. The most important thing that has been making me feel very comfortable here is the willingness to help foreigners. I can feel this every time in my school, CSLI. My first month in the school was great. I made so many friends from many different countries around the world. Every day I learn a lot of things with them.

Now, about my teachers, I realize now how much they strive to help students. I haven’t even imagined this kind of welcoming and acceptance. I could feel that all school staff really care about my personal development and helped me with a study plan.

During my studies, my teacher James told me about a Business Class. He knew that my major in Brazil is Administration, so he realized that this class could be interesting for me. Then I decided to join the class. One of the factors that motivated me to start the course was my previous experience in a junior company of my university, called ESPM Jr. It is a consulting company focused on marketing and communication. I have worked there for 1.5 years and I lived the best experiences of my life there. That’s why I thought I could contribute in the class room.

Since I started the Business Class I’ve learned a lot of things from my classmates by listening to their experiences and knowledge. Other important factor which makes this class very interesting is the teacher (James) who usually always gives the opportunity to students to practice situations that occur in real life of a company such as jobs interviews and meetings. I am really happy with this class.

It is important to remember that those who have no experience in business but who are interested in business can really enjoy the class and be better prepared for future employment.

Even though at the beginning of my period in Vancouver, I already feel a little bit of everything that this city can offer and contribute to my personal development. I’d better stop writing and go enjoy it because time passes very fast.

Fernando from Brazil

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