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How I improved my writing in English at CSLI

Taking a Writing class is one of the best options that you can decide on at CSLI to improve your English skills.
CSLI’s Writing Course is a 4-week programme which contains 4 writing tasks, one each week—letter, process description, essay and email.

I find this programme helpful because we often have to complete a task or make something following instructions like send an email to an admissions officer to apply for a university programme; write an essay about your career; apply for the IELTS test; or write a letter to request or complain about something.
Having the ability to write in English is very important when you have in mind to live in an English speaking country. Writing may sound boring but my experience in this class has been totally different. Each day the teacher has different kind of activities on topics which are almost 100% interesting.

Each day has a schedule. We always start with an introduction of the topic after which follow a series of exercises and examples. Grammar is also important to improving your writing skills so we often practice that too. Forty-five minutes before the class ends, we have to write our own draft on the assigned topic. The following day, the teacher gives it back to you with some feedback, to be corrected for the next time. Writing a new draft with a new feedback each day is very helpful to recognize your mistakes and to correct them. Correcting your mistakes is the best way to learn and improve.

I would recommend this class for all students who find difficulties in writing in English.

Student - Melissa (Mexico)

Article by Melissa Agular from Mexico

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