CSLI University Pathway Program

Program description

CSLI’s Pathway Program is designed to provide students with the academic skills necessary to succeed in post-secondary studies.Our specialized curriculum and academic support ensures that our students successfully transfer to partner Universities / Colleges in Canada without taking IELTS or TOEFL exam.

We guide students through the registration process and advise them on the options available. Once they have chosen their program, they are able to receive a conditional letter of acceptance from a University or College. With both acceptance letters, they will be able to apply for a study permit. Students may register for the program at any level!


Pathway chart 


Package Details

+ English Assessment Test (written test + interview)
+ Interview with our Pathway Coordinator
+ Post-secondary Advising about your study options
+ Customized Study Plan based on your goal and level
+ Academic Support to review progress and ensure you are on target with your goal
+ Weekly Quizzes, Monthly Tests and Feedback to help you review and improve faster!
+ 2 hour college/university application assistance

  • Additional services and support are available by request for an extra cost


Career Colleges
Minimum of 4 weeks for students who test at Level 9 
Colleges / Universities
Minimum of 12 weeks for students who test at Level 10 and higher

+ Student must achieve 80% on all exams and have 75% attendance
+ Students may register for the program at any level! Lower level students can take our regular ESL program courses and enter the Pathway Program when they have achieved the entry level requirement.


Click here to download CSLI’s University Pathway in PDF


Pathway Program


Partner Universities and Colleges

Students have many partner schools to choose from via CSLI’s Pathway Program. Click on the logos below for more information on the colleges and universities.
If you need any other information, please also feel free to contact us directly for additional support.






















University Pathway








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